In 1911, SANTA Company was set up.

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In 1955, it merged with another transport company, Azur Cars, and then became SANTA AZUR.

Considered as a specialist of travelling tourism and tours, SANTA AZUR diversified its fleet and services to answer to the market changes.

Since 1987, the company has belonged to the PEGLION group, which has others transports companies: Phocéens Cars, Tram and tourism operator (Phocéens Voyages, BLT, Voyages Phocéens).

Nowadays…  SANTA AZUR is a leader of its market. Its fleet, the most important of the French Riviera, is constituted of almost 60 vehicles. From vans to minibusses and coaches, SANTA AZUR offers more than 8 different vehicle ranges, from 8 to 55 seater, standard and luxury.

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Since 2007, SANTA AZUR has developed a special Receptive department to extend its offer in tourism. A special team is dedicated to Business and Leisure Tourism. We are the privileged local contact of Tourism Operators and Event Organizations from all over the world.